Extra Long Coil Indirect Fired Water Heater

The J series tank is for a vertical installation and is available in 40 and 60 gallon. The extra long single coil is manufactured with a high heat transfer to deliver more BTUs for rapid recovery and continuous operation. The 1” diameter coil enables your system to operate with a low pressure drop. The tank is equipped with a ¾” fitting allowing for a re-circ line or alternately for powered titanium anode (purchased separately) for those that have problems with (Smelly Water) or have aggressive water and water quality concerns. AMI tanks are constructed from heavy gauge 316L Stainless Steel that is further pickled and passivated for superior longevity and corrosion resistance. Leading the way with the best in the industry 2.5″ thick “R”value -16.5 H/CFC-free polyurethane insulation exceeds all code requirements for standby losses.


  • Extra Long coil for faster recovery rates
  • 2.5″ Polyurethane Foam Insulation “R” Value 16.5

(Eliminates the need for after-market blankets)

  • 100% high quality 316L stainless steel construction
  • Pickled and Passivated for superior longevity and corrosion resistance.
  • High capacity storage for commercial and industrial applications
  • Designed for quick and simple installation
  • Powder coated steel jacket for high quality finish and durability
  • Customized tanks available upon request
  • Complete package with aquastat, s/steel aquastat well, temp-pressure relief valve and tee drain valve **drain not supplied with 120gallon tanks


Maximum Operating Pressure:

Shell: 150 PSI
Coil: 150 PSI


Limited Warranty:

15 years on residential tanks
5 years on commercial tanks

80 Gallon shown


Extra Long Coil

(US Gal)
Heating Surface
(Sq. ft)
Coil Length
Shipping Weight(Lbs)
J40 XL 40 13.09 40 200
J60 XL 60 13.09 40 230
J80 XL 80 13.09 40 255
J120 XL 119 13.09 40 320

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