An eco-friendly water treatment system that fights limestone and corrosion


AQUABION is a water treatment system that fights limestone build-up in your water pipes and appliances. It is a natural and effective solution that replaces the often unsuccessful and repeated chemical treatments which are not only expensive but harmful to the environment…


The principle behind the AQUABION technology

The AQUABION technology is based on the galvanic principle of a sacrificial zinc anode which releases zinc ions when a potential difference (0.70-1Volt) is established between the zinc anode and the  AQUABION metal casing.

Depending on the properties of the water, the galvanized element generates a potential difference on the surface of the anode which causes the particles in the water to cluster around the released zinc ion (crystallization core).

As the particles responsible for water hardening agglomerate around this core, more particles are attracted thus increasing the crystallization effect.

The result is a large number of smaller particles in the water which bond to other released products.

These particles provide a larger surface for mechanical erosion of the build-up and the released particles are flushed with the flow water.

The calcite is transformed into aragonite, which significantly reduces the adhesion tendencies of the agglomerates in the pipe system.


Solution: the ION Deutschland active anode

Years of experience and testing on water of the poorest physico-chemical properties have shown that ION’s galvanic active anode guarantees effectiveness in the long term based on predefined installation and quality of water used.

Use of the AQUABION water treatment system offers technically, economically and ecologically sound results because the treated water is not changed by chemical means and may be used as clean water ready for consumption.

Only state of the art materials are used for the tubular casing of the system, the connectors and all other materials not visible to the naked eye.

The device contains an anode made of the highest quality zinc and several turbulence bodies made of NIROSTA stainless steel.

These bodies contain a number of holes that are arranged in a specific pattern so that significant amounts of water turbulence is generated thus ensuring  the system’s self-cleaning action of the zinc anode inside.


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